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Our Story

kaizen wellbeing therapy online dubai for depression anxiety

Kaizen Wellbeing was created out of a requirement and demand for mental health intervention for South Asians; comprising the largest demographic of people living in the Middle East and yet no one specifically catered to the mental health needs of this ethnic group. Even if there were organisations to avail therapy from, they all charged well above a normal person's pay range for a single session which could only be accessed by people that came from prosperous and affluent backgrounds. This certainly did not help empower people to seek mental health support even if they were in dire need of the same. We also know that this community comes with its own nuances and idiosyncrasies, isn’t it integral to have a therapist that truly gets you? A therapist like you with similar struggles, with collective shared experiences. We had the same questions gnaw at us until we decided to try and be the solution to this problem. 


Seeking therapy is a basic form of self-care, just like you would tend to an injury, you should tend to the way you emote, feel, think, act and behave. We have handpicked each of our therapists so that you are one step closer to forming a healthy attitude towards taking care of your mental health needs. We have aimed at keeping our rates low and affordable to foster the culture of mental health being accessible for all, and unbiased. Let us stop the vicious cycle of neglecting our mental health, let us start taking pride in nurturing it instead. 


Do connect with us, write to us. We appreciate all forms of discourse.

We care about you abundantly. Reach out!

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