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Therapy Services

Your mental health needs and therapy should not be considered a luxury, it is a necessity! We want to make therapy available, accessible and affordable to everyone, here is what we offer.

Individual Psychotherapy

Aims to help clients with emotional problems through one-on-one sessions with therapists. The trajectory of therapy is decided by a collaboration between the client and the therapist. Based on the client’s most pressing issues, the therapist will draft a plan for future sessions. Therapists at Kaizen are trained in several types of psychotherapies and are known to use an eclectic approach which consists of using a melange of therapeutic techniques which suit the client and situation.

a person having an online therapy in dubai with a psychologist

Students: AED 130

Adults: AED 160 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy aims to improve the quality of romantic relationships. Like individual therapy, the therapist will understand the couple’s problems and chart out a plan for the sessions. Kaizen has highly trained couples therapists who weave specific therapy plans involving a range of therapeutic activities and exercises according to couples’ needs.

A couples therapy showcase with a couples therapist having relationship issues and doing marriage counseling

Per Couple: AED 200

Discounted monthly plans are available.
WhatsApp us at +971 50 961 8796 to know more.

Your Journey with Kaizen

We understand that this is all very new to you. We have tried to simplify the process of therapy and ease you into it. 

Online therapy flow of Kaizen wellbeing's process

Talk to Us as We Gather Your Needs

Match You with the Right Therapist

Pay & Confirm Your Therapy Session

Begin Your Therapy Journey with Kaizen

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