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Mental Health Awareness: Kaizen's Two Cents

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A person climb up the ladder to water mental health

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We’re a mental health organization and we didn’t put up a single post in May for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Did we forget about it?


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Are we late in the celebration?

Not really

Are we glad that there is a campaign dedicating one month to spreading awareness about mental health?

Yes & No

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We’re thrilled that people spoke about mental health openly during May and companies put out campaigns and initiatives to support their employees’ mental health.

Whether you require anger management counselling, online psychologist consultations, or specialized treatments like online CBT therapy, you can find affordable therapy for your mental health.


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Why is it restricted to only a month? Why only talk about mental health as a marketing strategy when it affects people of all ages, nationalities, genders, and geographies? Why not take charge of your mental health 12 months out of 12? We don’t need to post about it constantly but we do need to create an environment so that people feel free to talk about their mental health issues freely and whenever THEY want to, not only when it’s fashionable to talk about mental health.

Because people suffering from depression and anxiety still need support after the calendar turns to June. Because kids with ADHD still require extra attention and care after May. Because complex trauma doesn’t magically go away as the date changes. Because mental health is an all-year-round issue and equally important for everyone, whether or not you’re suffering from a mental illness.

We hope your environment is inclusive and supports your mental health. For anyone who wishes to talk to a therapist, our doors are open all days of the year. Here's Mental Health Awareness: Kaizen's Two Cents


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