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A Complete Overview of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Therapy is not just one single treatment orientation. Various therapies use different techniques and have different notions of what mental health concerns are and how they come to be, exists. Not only do they differ in the techniques, but they also differ in what is given more importance in a person, whether it is their childhood, the present concerns, their behaviour or thought processes etc. It can also differ on how long the therapy lasts and whether it is done individually or in a group.

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) with Kaizen Wellbeing the most affordable online therapy in Dubai and UAE

One of the more recent therapy orientations that is widely used is dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). It is a modification of the famous cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). DBT is a comprehensive therapy that is evidence-based meaning that it has been scientifically proven to be helpful in treating some mental health concerns. DBT was developed by Marsha Linehan, who was trying to find an effective treatment for people who have suicidal ideations and emotional volatility. Linehan’s designed the therapy to be more accepting toward the clients and also convey this acceptance clearly. Linehan’s treatment modality focused on helping the client accept themselves, their own emotions, thoughts, the world around them and also the people around them.

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Dialectical behaviour therapy has the dialectica; philosophy as its foundation. In this, therapists strive to balance as well as synthesise acceptance while introducing strategies that are change-oriented. Ultimately, the efforts of Linehan culminated in the formation of an evidence-based, comprehensive cognitive behavioural approach used to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD), which is a personality disorder generally involving unstable mood, relationships etc. DBT has been found to be effective in helping people with parasuicidal behaviour, and trait anger, and also aids social functioning. It reduces parasuicidal behaviour and helps people become better at social adjustment.

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When referring to DBT as a comprehensive treatment modality, it means that it is a treatment that involves various aspects of many other cognitive behavioural approaches. In general, the DBT treatment package includes therapy sessions done individually with the client and the therapist, a therapy group that occurs weekly which involves skills training, and also a therapist consultation team meeting. DBT involves some unique factors including acceptance and mindfulness, a focus on emotions during the course of treatment, biosocial theory, and five functions of treatment, and as mentioned above, it also follows a dialectical philosophy. cheap therapy, affordable psychologist, affordable counselling. Affordable therapy in Sharjah, cheap therapy near me, therapy for mental health.

The five functions of treatment in dialectical behaviour therapy are as follows:

  1. Enhancing capabilities: DBT assumes that clients with BPD either have a lack of or need improvement in several salient life skills including regulation of emotions, mindfulness skills, ability to effectively navigate interpersonal situations, and ability to tolerate distress or survive a crisis.

  2. Generalisation capabilities: When in therapy, it is important to ensure that the skills learned during the course of therapy can be transferred to the daily lives of the clients. Unless this transfer occurs, it would not be accurate to consider the therapy as being a success. Thus, DBT focuses on generalising whatever has been learned during therapy to the daily lives or the natural environment of the client.

  3. Improve motivation as well as reduce dysfunctional behaviour: Using diary cards, self-monitoring forms and other methods that help in monitoring oneself, the therapist helps the client in understanding what led to the dysfunctional behaviour and how to change it.

  4. Enhancing and maintaining therapist capabilities and motivation: It is important to maintain the motivation and the skills of the therapist who treats the clients. This is why DBT includes a therapist consultation team. Not only does the team help in problem-solving and finding ways to implement effective treatment, but it also encourages the therapists to maintain a compassionate and non-judgemental view toward their clients.

  5. Structuring the environment: DBT also includes structuring the environment in a way that reinforces the effective behaviour while not reinforcing the problematic behaviour.

DBT is ultimately an emotion-focused approach, focusing on helping the client notice, regulate, label, and validate emotions and discriminate when specific skills are to be employed. One of the main goals of this treatment modality is to improve the quality of life of the client. DBT also employs mindfulness. Mindfulness involves being attentive to what is happening in the present. It also involves non-judgmentally observing the current experience they themselves have and fully taking part in the activities occurring in the present. Though DBT is most effective for individuals with borderline personality disorder, it has been found to be effective for individuals with substance use disorders, binge eating, elderly individuals with personality disorders experiencing depression etc. Though DBT has various similarities with other treatment methods in the cognitive behavioural approaches, there are many unique elements that make DBT stand out as an effective form of therapy. Recently, DBT is increasingly opted as the treatment for many individuals due to the positives it offers. DBT has had a very strong efficacy when it comes to treating emotion focussed concerns, Kaizen Wellbeing's best therapy in UAE offers dialectical behaviour therapy and the best DBT therapists in Dubai for you at an affordable rate. Treatment for borderline personality disorder or BPD is available at Kaizen Wellbeing online therapy can be sought for treatment of BPD in Dubai from our DBT specialists in Dubai.

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If you have any queries please put them down in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them and help you out.

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