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Breaking Myths and Misconceptions around Therapy and Psychology

breaking myths and misconceptions around therapy and psychology dubai uae kaizen wellbeing

Psychology in Dubai is fairly recent, however Psychology as a separate field has been existing since the 1800s and since then there has been numerous misconceptions regarding the field. Despite the various advancements in the field and the efforts of many therapist in Dubai and psychologist in Dubai and mental health advocates, the myths seem to not go away for good. Unfortunately, many people still believe these misconceptions and due to that, fear the field and the psychologist in Dubai and psychologists in the field and refuse to seek help when necessary or, have unrealistic standards regarding the therapist in Dubai and the efficacy of the methods. Let’s look at some of the common myths and misconceptions and ban them from our minds.

#1: All therapy is the same.

Many people think that the different types of therapy in Dubai that exist are the same. Though all of these therapeutic orientations are aimed at one thing, that is the betterment of the client, and the reduction of the symptoms and distress that they feel, they are not the same. Each of these therapy types are used for different problems. For example, a therapy known as dialectical behavior therapy DBT would be used for someone who is having a difficult time dealing with intense emotions and problems with a sense of self. Whereas cognitive behavioral therapy would focus on changing unhelpful negative thoughts which might be aiding your anxiety or depression. Treatment for depression and therapy for anxiety is available, get in touch with Dubai psychologist and Dubai therapist in kaizen to know more.

#2: Therapy in Dubai is just an expensive conversation.

Well, we can't deny that therapy might sometimes be expensive, that's why Kaizen aims to provide affordable therapy with qualified psychologist in Dubai and therapist in Dubai. But considering therapy to simply be a venting session is a misconception. Therapists in Dubai are trained to give undivided attention, empathy, acceptance and genuineness. Therapist in Dubai spent years trying to learn the techniques that could help a person in dealing with their distress. Additionally, all these techniques have a scientific backing of various resources. It can be said with confidence that therapy in Dubai is not just a conversation, it is a scientific process.

#3: People will think that I'm crazy if I attend therapy and go to a therapist.

This is one of the oldest misconceptions about therapy. Beginning from the time when psychology and mental health emerged as a field, people have been having this doubt. Will I be considered crazy or weak if I go for therapy in Dubai? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you go for therapy in Dubai. Rather, think of it as you taking the initiative to ensure that you are living your best life possible. There is nothing weak about experiencing distress. Realizing that you are experiencing difficulty and requires help, its strength in itself. Also, if you are afraid of others judging you for going for therapy. Remember, there is no obligation for you to inform others that you're going for therapy in Dubai or you're doing online therapy in Dubai. Next time someone ridicules you for considering or going for therapy in Dubai, Tell them that you're proud of yourself for considering what is best for you and seeking help when necessary without keeping the façade of perfection.

#4: Therapy is not confidential, my information will not be kept private.

Some people worry that their sessions would not remain confidential. It is very much understandable and even rational for a person to have this doubt. Ultimately, you're going to be revealing your deepest, darkest secrets to someone, a stranger. However, You should know that all therapists in Dubai are bound by the code of ethics to keep your information confidential. And the only exception to this rule is if and when you are found to be a threat to yourself or others or, when there is a legal aspect included in your case.

#5: Once I start therapy, it'll go on forever.

Many people assume that therapy is forever and you will have to continue paying your therapist for as long as you live. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 20 therapy sessions are enough for half the people who go for therapy in Dubai. So rest assured, your therapist is not after all the money in your bank.

#6: Psychotherapists have ready made solutions.

Actually, no. Each therapy session is tailor made for each client. Therapist in Dubai do a lot of homework in figuring out which would be the best technique and best therapeutic orientation for you as a client. That too, ones which would be the most cost and time efficient.

Though there still; exists many misconceptions, it is significantly easier to understand whether they are true or not now-a-days. It usually is a google search away. However, if the google search is not helping, you can always ask our team of Psychologist in Dubai and therapist in Dubai for help. Ask us and we'll be more than happy to resolve your doubts regarding therapy in Dubai.

Kaizen Wellbeing is an online therapy platform in Dubai, UAE that caters to South Asian community. There is a dearth of good therapy establishments that accommodate the mental health needs of the brown community. We aim to bridge that gap by providing you quality and affordable care by qualified and warm therapists. Reach out at or +971 50 961 8796 and book your first session towards understanding yourself and other’s better.

If you have any queries please put them down in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them and help you out.


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