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Complete Guide to Couples Therapy

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Every couple has issues in their relationship at one point of time or another. Most of the time they will be able to resolve it on their own and the issues do not escalate. However, at times the couples become unable to resolve these issues on their own due to various reasons. In order to find a solution for these problems people go for couples therapy.

What is couples therapy? Well, it is a form of therapy in which partners who are in a committed relationship are treated at the same time by the same psychotherapist. This form of therapy is concerned with problems and issues in their relationship and between the individuals that affect their relationship. Aim of couples therapy is to unravel the complexities of a relationship and to understand and reach the sources of the problems between these partners. For this couple's therapist requires sustained attention, centration, and strives to be neutral throughout the course of therapy. Oftentimes, people consider couples therapy and seek the help of a psychotherapist, for couples therapy as a last resort before considering divorce or separation.

Importance of couples therapy

In recent years, people have been understanding the necessity and the importance of a healthy relationship. Additionally, Regardless of whether it is a break-up, separation or divorce, the costs, mental, physical, financial etc., of the breakdown of relationships are enormous. Divorce and relationship problems are among the most stressful conditions for people. Furthermore, people who are in troubled relationships have a higher chance to suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns. Children of couples who are experiencing distress in their relationship are likely to suffer from different forms of mental health issues.

The following are the main goals of couples therapy.

  • To understand the deeper levels and reasons for conflict.

  • To aid each partner in the relationship in finding their own participation in the problem.

  • To help them realize mutual expectations.

  • Able to come up with roles, functions of the relationship etc.

  • To aid communication between the partners.

  • To develop effective and adaptive conflict resolution.

  • And finally in deciding whether or not to continue the relationship.

Though couples therapy can be effective in understanding the problems and resolving them for many, it is not used in every case. There are some instances in which couples therapy is not suggested or used. In cases where there is physical violence between the partners in the relationship, couples therapy is not used. It is also not used when one of the partners in the relationship has some sort of mental ailment or an addiction problem. Couples therapy is also not recommended when one or both of the partners have an extramarital relationship or have been engaging in infidelity and are not willing to give up that relationship. If one or both of the couple are adamant that they want divorce regardless of whether they take it to court.

In couples therapy, the therapist would have to pay extra attention to different types of behavior that each of the partners exhibits and listen to specific words that may indicate the existence of a secret. During the course of couples therapy, if the therapist finds out that one or both of the partners has a deep level psychological issue that has not been resolved Which has been either existing in patterns and other relationships as well, this would be taken up in individual therapy.

Couples therapy is possible when both partners are trying to improve the relationship by creating better communication and developing better problem solving skills. It is also extremely useful when partners with negative experiences with failed relationships of their parents or previous failed relationships of their own, want to prevent these problems from occurring in their current relationship. Couples therapy would be very much effective when the partners are motivated to reach an agreement and would like to rebuild the bond between them, while wishing to avoid tension and finding solutions to the problems that exist between them.

Though couples therapy can be effective in dealing with relationship issues, Motivation and efforts from both of the partners are required in doing so. Without efforts from both sides, progress would not be possible.

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If you have any queries please put them down in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them and help you out.


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