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How Does Trauma Affect Relationships?

Trauma is an emotional response that people have to terrible events. Traumatic events and incidents leave a deep mark on the person experiencing them.

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Psychotherapy in the UAE can be incredibly effective for addressing a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Not only does it have a short-term impact on the person and their life, but it can also have long-lasting effects that cause significant distress to people. Trauma can lead to psychological as well as physical effects. While some people are able to lead a life without many repercussions after experiencing a traumatic event, many are unable to and are often troubled by their trauma. Trauma has emerged as one of the most devastating health crises of our time, affecting people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Working through trauma is difficult and can feel like a herculean task but is so worth it. At Kaizen Wellbeing online therapy in Dubai, we offer a team of Trauma-informed and Trauma trained best therapists in UAE who provide you with a safe space to unpack the complexities of trauma and its effects on your life to build a meaningful present and future.

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Trauma can be considered as either a single incident trauma, which is what most people think trauma is, including rape, natural disasters, accidents, etc., which leaves the person in distress. Or it can be cumulative trauma that is called complex trauma. It includes incidents that are repeated or different incidents that cause the person to experience trauma and its effects, like domestic violence, abuse, neglect, etc. Both types of trauma can cause hindrances in daily functioning and make life hard for people. And both kinds of trauma can be worked through in therapy to unlock a more uninhibited version of yourself at Kaizen Wellbeing to build mental health fortitude and resilience.

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Even people surrounding the person who experienced the trauma can also be affected by its repercussions. Thus, it can be said that trauma also affects relationships in the person's life. It is especially so in the case of childhood trauma, where the person we depended on for survival was the one who caused the distress and led to trauma. This could influence how we expect others to treat us and how we treat other people. It also affects how we measure our worth. Thus, traumatic events affect the way people view their relationships and bonds.

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Many individuals experience some form of a traumatic incident before the age of 18. Unfortunately, such traumatic events during the early period of our lives can impact our adult relationships. Childhood experiences can impact attachment styles even in adulthood.

CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy are all effective treatment options, as is therapy for complex trauma.

Trauma can exert an influence on emotions, causing people to restrict themselves and avoid or become averse to emotions, ultimately not being able to describe emotions. Or they feel too much at once, unable to make sense of what they are feeling and becoming overwhelmed or numb. Trauma can affect the way we trust ourselves and others. It may cause people to not be trusted even in situations where the other person in the relationship has proven to be trustworthy. They may also become extremely focused on being self-reliant to the extent that they do not ask for help or rely on others to meet their needs.

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Individuals who grew up in dysfunctional or abusive families may have strong negative beliefs about relationships and what family life entails. The existence of such beliefs can impact any relationships they have in their lives and how they perceive their partner’s actions. This could lead to a lot of misunderstandings and even cause the person who has experienced trauma to view their partner in a very bad light. Trauma can even cause feelings that their partners will never be able to understand them or be motivated enough to meet their needs. This may cause problems in the relationship. Especially since the most basic aspects of any healthy relationship are open communication and trust.

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Some people may even develop a fear of being alone, or conversely, of being in a relationship. It can also turn into a fear of rejection or abandonment, or even being excessively dependent on their partner. Unresolved trauma can present itself in the form of sabotaging one's own healthy relationships, being fearful of vulnerabilities and intimacy, and causing people to push others away even when they like or need them. Trauma can also affect how we communicate, whether it is by shouting, excess humour, self-deprecation, being silent, etc. It can cause the person to be unnecessarily aggressive, become passive or even passive aggressive.

One of the main effects of trauma is known as trauma reenactment. People who have experienced trauma may find themselves repeating cycles or patterns from life and going through the same or similar types of situations and getting hurt over and over again. To break the cycle of trauma, get help at Kaizen Wellbeing providing you online therapy in Dubai and globally for working through complex trauma and its effects on your life today. You deserve a meaningful life and meaningful relationships without your past trauma playing a role or colouring your future experiences, online therapy without Trauma informed best psychologists in Dubai can definitely help you achieve this. Additionally, people with trauma also have a chance of developing certain mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, etc., which can also affect their relationships as mental health conditions can affect people around the person with the illness as well.

Trauma tends to be harsh on people. It has an impact not only on the person who has gone through them but also on the people around them and their relationships with them. So, it is important to resolve your trauma and rid yourself of any long-lasting effects of trauma. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the effects of trauma and heal. Online Therapy with Kaizen Wellbeing can help with understanding what your trauma is, how it affects your life, and how to stop it from causing distress and continuing to affect your life. Through therapy in Dubai, the vicious cycle of trauma can be broken and help people lead a life without the effects of trauma haunting them, and can start your healing journey.

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