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How To Get Over a Breakup?

How to get over a breakup relationship issues Kaizen Wellbeing Kaizenwb Online therapy in Dubai breakup guide

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You must have heard the overused and clichéd line which goes like: “Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too”. But endings are rarely beautiful, most of the time it is messy and downright ugly. The endings of most relationships fall into the same category and justifiably so. Getting over a break up is not an easy process, and while ice creams and movies may be of some help, it is not the ultimate solution. You have molded your life around one person and gone as far as to make plans for your future with them. Having to let that go and find something else to fill that void is not as easy as eating ice cream while listening to break up songs.

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While break ups are rarely pleasant, there is no secret formula that you can follow to get over it. It usually takes time and proceeds in different ways in different individuals. The way a person deals with grief is similar to the way a person deals with a break up, in that they have to mourn the person they lost, find a way to fill that void and move on with their life. All of these stages in the whole process take place over a variable period of time and in unique ways in different individuals. Still, given below are some of the things that you could do if you ever find yourself in the same position.

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Give yourself time and space to heal:

A break up can be a harrowing experience and it comes with a whole lot of contradictory emotions and feelings. In such a scenario, it is always a good idea to give yourself space and time to go through the entire range of emotions. Space here also means trying to not get in touch with your ex-partner for a while and clearing your personal space of all the things that could trigger thoughts of them. Even after doing these things, thoughts of the relationship are bound to always come up in your mind and that is okay, don’t try to bury them or deny them. Accepting them would help you to deal with them but suppressing them would only give you temporary relief.

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Take a realistic look at your relationship:

When somebody passes away, we have this tendency to remember only the good things about that person. The same applies to the breakup of a relationship. It is easy to look back with rose tinted glasses and ignore all of the things that went wrong. When you find yourself doing that, try to think of all the reasons the relationship ended up the way it did and the things you have learnt in the process. In this way, you will have a more balanced and realistic outlook of the relationship.

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Do not internalize your breakup:

There could be a lot of reasons that contributed to the end of your relationship. Most people have a tendency to blame themselves for the end of a relationship. All of the things that went wrong are attributed to the actions of the self. This increases the burden on the person and makes one believe that there is something wrong with them. This can prolong your pain and reinforce negative beliefs about yourself. This is where having a realistic assessment about your relationship and your ex-partner can help you. Try to challenge instances of personal responsibility and replace them with more rational thinking. Focus on yourself and build your self-esteem.

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Avoid should statements:

Stop trying to set expectations on how you should feel and behave. Telling yourself things like “I should be feeling stronger” or “I should not be feeling so needy” is not going to help you get better. Setting these strict expectations is only going to make you feel self-critical and more distressed. Instead, try to tell yourself that feeling weaker or feeling like you need somebody to lean on is normal, and accept those feelings. There is no correct way to get over a breakup but setting limits on yourself is going to stifle your efforts.

Sublimate your negative emotions:

One cannot stop the negative emotions that usually follow a breakup but you can try to divert them into more constructive outlets. Take up an activity you are fond of and try to do it as often as you can. It could be exercising, reading or even baking.

Support system:

There might be times when you might just want to be alone. But, don’t try to push away the help that your family or friends are offering you. Try to talk to them about your feelings and tell them your difficulties. If you feel like that is not enough then you could seek professional help.

Stalking never did anybody any good:

Even though the other person is not a part of your life anymore, there will be a natural need to know what is happening in their life. Most of the time, this can become a full blown need to always go through their profile, their stories, pictures and comments. Remember that you need space away from that person in order to get over it. This applies to social media too. A social media detox may be a good idea at this time.

Tinder is not the answer or Vodka:

The need to find somebody to fill the void left after the end of a relationship would be very strong right after a breakup. This might lead people to do things that they normally would not do. Some people try to find another person to fill that void and others may turn to alcohol or other drugs. Both of these are unhealthy coping strategies. A rebound soon after a relationship is not a very good idea since you have not adequately dealt with the problems left behind by the old relationship. A rebound at this time would not be fair to you or to the other person involved.

A breakup is one of the unpleasant truths of life. It requires time and space to get better. It is okay if it takes you longer to do so or requires more effort than another person. The important thing here is to get better using healthy coping strategies or seek professional help to get you through this tough time.

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