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A Complete Overview of Gestalt Therapy

Let’s start with a little activity. Try imagining a flower. Do you see the flower as various parts- petals, stems, sepals etc, or do you see it as a whole? The term gestalt literally means ‘shape’ or ‘form’ in German. Gestalt psychology considers the whole to be greater than its parts, meaning that the flower as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Gestalt theory considers every individual as a combination of their mind, body, soul etc having different and distinct experiences. Gestalt theory began in Austria and Germany. cure for panic attack, treatment for panic attack in Dubai, Best psychologist in Dubai, best psychologist in Sharjah, best psychologist in Abu Dhabi,

Learning about Gestalt Therapy with Kaizen Wellbeing a safe mental health space for Indians in Dubai and UAE

Gestalt theory is based on field theory which states that each and every individual should be considered within the context of their environment as everything is related. Thus a key concept in gestalt theory is contact which suggests that the contact between individuals and their environments is important. Another important concept in gestalt theory is the figure-ground formation process. Gestalt theory considers images, sound, taste etc as emerging from the background and can come into focus at any particular moment. Additionally, an individual subjectively structures the unstructured individual pieces of data available in the environment, into wholes with both forms as well as structure. Additionally, gestalt considers that in order for clients to understand and reach their full potential, ultimately achieving psychological maturity, they have to peel off five different and distinct layers of neurosis. This process aids them in gaining awareness and through integration, clients can wake up and become themselves instead of pretending to be someone or something that they are not. Once they realize and become themselves, they come in contact with an explosive and powerful source of energy. psychotherapy in UAE, psychotherapy in Dubai, best online therapy, online therapist, online psychologist,

Gestalt therapy at Kaizen Wellbeing in Dubai provides the best online therapy for mental health and takes on a humanistic and holistic approach to mental health concerns. Perls is considered to be the pioneer of gestalt therapy. He considered the self-actualising potential, which suggests that an organism has knowledge of what is best for self-regulation and actualisation. To state it in simple terms, self-actualisation is the organism’s realisation of its full true potential. Perls based his approach on Gestalt psychology and considered the principle of human as a whole entity to be of salience and employed that in his therapy.

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Gestalt therapists at Kaizen Wellbeing, Dubai considers the present experiences to be of utmost importance. However, despite focusing on the present experiences, it does not deny or neglect the importance of the past. Gestalt therapy in Dubai also focuses on the adaptation of people to changing environments and different life situations that the person has in a healthy way and creatively adjusts to such situations. In Gestalt therapy, one of the most important steps in the process of awareness. However, awareness does not simply mean having insight, it involves exploring experiences and making sense of the world around us as well as the relationship with others along with the environment. Best therapist in Dubai employing a gestalt approach considers that in the dialogue that occurs between the therapist and the patient, not only are the words important, but the movements, gestures, vocal tones, and even glances are also of salience.

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Gestalt therapy in Dubai at Kaizen Wellbeing can be used as a treatment for various mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, difficulties in relationships, issues in self-esteem etc. Gestalt therapy can be applied either individually or in a group setting.

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Let's look at some techniques used in gestalt therapy.

  1. Two-chair technique: this is one of the most widely used techniques in gestalt therapy. In this technique, the client is asked to act out different sides of their own self. An example can be a person taking on an emotional side and a rational side and alternating between them both.

  2. Exaggeration technique: this is another technique in gestalt therapy. It works by helping the client become more aware of any underlying issues that they have and could be linked to the problems they experience in the present. It involves exaggerating a particular behaviour or emotion that the client has.

  3. Staying with the feeling: gestalt therapy gives much importance to the immediate feelings of people. gestalt therapy suggests that feelings should be confronted and are not to be ignored or avoided.

  4. Reversal technique: this technique is used in gestalt therapy to get the clients in touch with aspects of themselves that they tend to minimise, deny the existence of or ignore.

The techniques mentioned above are just a few of the many different techniques used in gestalt therapy. As with every treatment modality, gestalt therapy also has its own advantages and drawbacks. Though gestalt therapy has shown to be effective for people, it is not as widely accepted as one would expect due to the lower number of objective and scientific research proving its efficacy. One reason for this is Perls’ belief that objective evidence using research for the efficacy of therapy is not necessary. However, this does not mean that gestalt therapy is not effective or that there are no research findings that show gestalt therapy to be of help. The efficacy of any therapy depends on the mental health concern, the skills of the therapist, and the client.

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Kaizen Wellbeing is the best online therapy platform in Dubai, UAE that caters to the South Asian community. There is a dearth of good therapy establishments that accommodate the mental health needs of the brown community. We aim to bridge that gap by providing you with quality and affordable care with qualified and warm therapists. Reach out at or +971 50 961 8796 and book your first session towards understanding yourself and others better.

If you have any queries please put them down in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them and help you out.


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