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Things to Consider Before Marriage.

Regardless of the gender, the nature of the relationship, whether it is arranged or following a period of dating, marriage is one commitment that many couples consider and enter into. Marriage is a commitment that requires a great deal of compromise, patience, and understanding. It also involves a legal aspect as well. Thus, before entering into a marriage, there are many things that you should consider.

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Marriage requires the individuals involved to know each other and understand each other. It means that you will be there for your partner through thick and thin and them, for you. Thus, unless you understand your partner and are willing to commit to them physically, spiritually, and mentally, it would be better to reconsider the decision to get married. Marriage is built on trust. For any marriage to be healthy and long lasting, it is crucial for all parties involved to trust the others in the relationship. Thus, fostering and maintaining an honest relationship becomes important. Marriage needs effective communication to sustain. Not only should there be open channels of communication, but it also becomes important to ensure that the other person understands what you mean as well and reduce the possibilities of misunderstandings. Additionally, the relationship should be healthy enough so that you and your partner feel secure and comfortable enough to share what they’re feeling without any apprehension regarding any possible judgement even if it is an opinion on your new haircut. Hence, ensure that you trust your partner and are able to communicate effectively without encountering much difficulty.

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Every relationship is built on patience and forgiveness. Rather than focusing on payback, marriage would only move forward and continue being healthy if forgiveness is involved. However, it is important to note that not all mistakes are to be forgiven, an example would be abuse of any kind. Moreover, marriage involves a level of selflessness, it requires sacrifices and mutual respect.

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Marriage is an intimate relationship; thus, it is important to always have a conversation with your partner and discuss your needs, desires, and expectations before moving to marriage, including a talk about sex. It is also important to have a long discussion regarding your finances and how to manage the household, division of work at home etc. As marriage requires sacrifices and understanding, it is important to discuss your expectations and desires in life and find a common ground. Who knows, maybe your common ground might be a mutual love for video games and practical jokes. Though tiny differences like one person liking tea and the other preferring coffee would be inconsequential, having differing ideas on things like children and where to live challenges the relationship. It is also important to make sure that you and your partner have the same or at least similar thoughts on having children and creating your mini army.

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Always work on yourself and ensure that you're ready for a marriage before entering into it. Make sure that you are healthy mentally and physically. Also, though referring to your partner as your ‘better half’ is common practice, it is important to maintain your sense of self and continue loving yourself. You do not have to change yourself to meet your partner’s expectations, especially if it means you have to change a major part of you. Also, it is of utmost salience that you find time for yourself and a space for yourself. Discuss this with your partner, as once you enter into marriage, it quite often means that you spend most of your time together.

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Sometimes you may find that your partner has different interests than yours, but these differences does not mean that you cannot be together. Learning to appreciate the similarities and differences becomes important.

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Ensure that you and your partner value and respect each other before you decide to take the step towards marriage as any relationship needs to be based in mutual respect. Being friends with your partner is also important. In every relationship, conflicts are bound to happen, thus discussing a way through which you can talk and solve the issues effectively is a good idea. The plan of action at the time of a conflict can even be a chess game, a nerf gun war, or even simply talking.

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As marriage also involves, to a certain level, a conjoining of families, it is beneficial for families of all parties to meet before getting married. Furthermore, as much as it is important to know each other’s likes, it is also important to understand dislikes and pet peeves. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if you love window seats, and your partner prefers the aisle seat? Similarly, it is advantageous to check the compatibility between you and your partner(s) before tying the knot.

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Remember, all marriages are different. Some of us may have witnessed issues in our parents’ marriage, however, that does not mean that our marriage would also be turbulent as well. Though marriage is not a once in a lifetime thing, it does take a lot of time and energy to break a marriage and get separated, thus finding a compatible partner becomes important. If you are currently on the tracks of marriage and would like professional help to enhance the quality of your relationship or work on improving certain patterns in the relationship or if you are someone who is already married and would like to resolve conflicts, improve relationship satisfaction and gain insight, Kaizen Wellbeing has a team of highly trained couples therapists or marriage counselors available at your perusal. Couples therapy in Dubai and marriage counseling in Dubai at Kaizen Wellbeing is affordable and available at the comfort of your house. Online therapy for couples, online couples therapy made easy by Kaizen Wellbeing in Dubai.

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