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A Complete Overview of Psychodynamic Therapy

Sigmund Freud is a name that almost everyone has heard being mentioned at least once during their lives. You may have heard the name in a movie or a show but did you know that he is popular in the mental health field? The psychodynamic approach focuses more on the person’s past and childhood experiences. It sees all human functioning and behaviour as a result of the interaction between drives and forces within an individual. It lays emphasis on the unconscious aspects of the person. Though Freud is considered to be the father of the psychodynamic perspective, it would be wrong to think that Freud is behind every advancement in the psychodynamic approach. Using Freud’s theory as a basis, many others have come up with their own ideas of how the mind works and how to effectively treat psychological ailments.

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According to the psychodynamic perspective, consciousness is divided into three parts, the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious. The conscious part of the mind consists of what is in our awareness at any point in time. The preconscious part of the mind consists of those things that are not currently in awareness but can be brought into awareness. Finally, the unconscious part of the mind consists of those things that the person is neither aware of, nor can be brought into the awareness like those in the conscious or pre-conscious parts of the mind. In the psychodynamic perspective by Freud, it is this unconscious part of the mind that influences human functioning and behaviour the most. affordable counselling. Affordable therapy in Sharjah, cheap therapy near me, therapy for mental health.

In psychodynamic therapy, the best and most affordable therapists in Dubai believe the maladaptive patterns that people have developed over time. Thus, therapists following a psychodynamic mode of therapy review various life factors of the client during therapy including their emotions, thoughts, life experiences during the early period of life, and their beliefs. This perspective suggests that in order to avoid anxiety, people employ some defence mechanisms. Defence mechanisms are those resources that the person uses, either intentionally or unintentionally, to reduce the internal stress that they experience. CBT Dubai, cognitive behavioral therapy Dubai, emdr therapy, trauma therapy. therapy for complex trauma. Best therapy. Best therapist.

The psychodynamic orientation of therapy is based on the following main principles:

  1. As mentioned above, unconscious motivations: this theory suggests that unconscious motivations are what influence behaviour. This can be anything from social pressure, internal conflicts the person etc.

  2. Experience is what shapes the personality and behaviour of people. Not only does a person’s experiences shape personality, the personality of the person, in turn, but also exerts an influence on how the person experiences events in their lives.

  3. The experiences of the person in the past exert influence on the present.

  4. Developing insight, awareness of what exactly the problem is, the how of it etc, along with emotional understanding can aid individuals who experience mental health concerns. This is based on the assumption that once a person realises the roots of their problematic behaviour and emotional patterns, they become better equipped to efficiently deal with their problems and thus develop effective coping techniques that not only help them in dealing with problems in the present but also in the future.

Psychodynamic therapy in Dubai can be helpful for individuals, couples, and families and can be done in groups as well. In this orientation of therapy, the best therapists in Dubai encourage the clients to open up and speak freely, without restricting themselves. This is so as talking freely may aid in revealing vulnerable feelings that have been pushed away from the conscious part of the mind either intentionally or unintentionally. Generally, the psychodynamic perspective also considers the dreams that a person has to be of significance. They believe that the dreams a person has, create a channel to understand more about the person and their concerns. This is known as dream analysis. Freud considered dreams to be the “royal pathway to one’s unconscious”. Ultimately, psychodynamic therapy focuses on helping people identify those emotions and influences that are in the unconscious mind which affect their behaviour. Therapist for depression, therapy for depression, counselling for depression. psychologist for depression

Initially, one of the main criticisms faced by psychodynamic therapy is that it is a long-term therapy, which may not be suited for all clients. However, new brief forms of psychodynamic therapies have been found and have been found to be equally effective. However, such brief forms of therapies cannot be used for some specific mental health concerns, but there exist therapists who employ such therapies along with other forms of treatment to increase efficiency. therapist for anxiety, psychologist for anxiety, counselling for anxiety,

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When considering which therapy to choose, the best therapist in Dubai considers many factors. This includes the amount of time available, the cost-effectiveness of the treatment, which treatment modality would be the best for the current client and their present concerns etc. It is only after this that the therapist comes to a decision regarding which orientation to proceed with. This decision is also affected by the orientation that the therapist at Kaizen Wellbeing has been trained in as well. Though cognitive behaviour therapy is the most popular and widely used therapy in today’s world, psychodynamic therapy can be as effective for various mental health conditions.

Kaizen Wellbeing is an online therapy platform in Dubai, UAE that caters to the South Asian community. There is a dearth of good therapy establishments that accommodate the mental health needs of the brown community. We aim to bridge that gap by providing you with quality and affordable care with qualified and warm therapists. Reach out at or +971 50 961 8796 and book your first session towards understanding yourself and others better.

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