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The Impact of Working from Home on our Mental Health.

 The impact of working from home on our mental health Kaizen Wellbeing Kaizenwb Online therapy in Dubai

“Home-work grew-up and became work-from-home.”


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Pandemic, social isolation, quarantining, lockdown and work from home are just some of the many words around which our lives revolve around these days since the outbreak of Covid-19. The pandemic created by the spread of Covid-19 has changed all our lives as we know it. It has affected almost all the spheres of an individual’s life.

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Apart from the obvious effects that it has on the physical health of an individual, it also takes a toll on a person’s mental health. Psychological research on stress shows that human beings show increased affiliation tendency in times of stress. But in the current scenario with the rapid spread of the coronavirus people have to isolate themselves and this need goes unfulfilled in most people which would further add to the stress. The need to socially isolate oneself has resulted in increased prevalence of anxiety and depression among the general population. Psychological distress increases when one thinks about the risk that the pandemic poses to their loved ones. Add to that financial and occupational difficulties, and the equation becomes deadly.

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Another sphere of life that the pandemic has affected is that of occupation and career. Overnight, the work scenario of many people changed with the advent of “work from home” or WFH. Looking at the bright side, there is not a single person who does not like to stay in their pjs all day long and avoid long commutes. This sense of flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of WFH. There are many people who due to their working hours do not get to spend enough time with their families. In this regard too, WFH is a good option since it increases the emotional health of a person and strengthens family bonds. But these very advantages can sometimes prove to be the starting point of many mental health and work problems. Working at home tends to blur the line between home and office and subsequently, the line between work and leisure time. Many people find it difficult to work at their usual efficiency when at home and then there are some people who tend to overwork and find it difficult to “switch off”. Both situations add to the workload of a person and subsequently increase their stress levels. Back-to-back online meetings increase screen time, cognitive load, and mental fatigue. Increased job insecurity and longer working hours in some people increases work pressure and chances of burnout. Finally, long hours spent in front of the computer at home results in a decrease in contact with fellow workers. There is a feeling of disconnect with colleagues and lack of necessary support which can increase feelings of isolation in an individual. These factors have a summative effect on the overall stress and workload of an individual.

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From what we have seen, work from home does not always paint a happy picture. But the important thing to remember is that there are things that you can do to have more control over your work situation and to change it for the better. Some of these things are mentioned below:

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Timetables and checklists for the win:

Scheduling your entire day before you start might seem like a daunting task, but it seems to be just the right thing for those working from home. Plan your day in advance so that you are clear on your working hours and your leisure time. Make a checklist of the things to be done for the day giving more priority to important tasks. Break down a complex task into small tasks and space them out so that you do not get tired of working on the same thing for long periods of time.

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Boundaries and balance:

For any healthy relationship boundaries are very important. Decide where you want to work in your house and set up a home office there. Try to stay away from those areas of your house where you usually spend your leisure time. In short, keep your workspace and your play space separate without any overlap. Try to choose an area with minimum distractions and maximum light. Follow this link to learn more about setting healthy boundaries at work.

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Take a break and stretch:

Set a time in your schedule for a break and move away from your workspace at that time. Or you can even set yourself a certain number of manageable tasks and take a break after completing it. Walk around, drink water and even just stretch during these times.

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Prioritize physical health:

Physical health influences mental health and vice versa. So, set a time for yourself where you can do some form of exercise or activity that will get your body moving and your blood flowing. You could even use this time to take your dog for a walk or even play with your children.

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Upskill and rekindle hobbies:

Remember that hobby you started and then stopped because you did not have enough time? Rekindle those hobbies and devote some time everyday for that. So, pick up that book or that paint brush and forget about excel sheets and presentations for a while.

Conversations with colleagues:

You are not alone in feeling increased work stress and pressure. Your colleagues would also be going through the same difficulties. Plan informal video chats or even phone calls with your friends and colleagues. Grab snacks and even watch a movie together.

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Practicing mindfulness:

Most of the time we don’t really pay attention to our thoughts and our bodily sensations. Whenever you find yourself thinking about future deadlines or stressing over some aspect of work, take a deep breath and try to step back from those thoughts. Focus on your breathing and try to bring yourself back to the present. Even writing down those thoughts in a journal will help you gain more control over your thoughts and give you more clarity on how to work on them. To learn more about mindfulness and its significance click here.

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It is okay to ask for help:

Sometimes, whatever you try may not be helpful in improving your situation. In such cases, reach out to your friends or family and try to talk to them about your concerns. If that does not seem to help, then you should seek professional help because a little help can go a long way in making you feel a whole lot better.

Do let us know in the comments below how you survived WFH and what strategies you used. It could also help other readers navigate through this process better, coming from first hand experience.We understand work can be overwhelming and arduous. We are here to help you feel more motivated and less burnt out in your profession. Reach out to us to seek affordable and accessible therapy from the kindest therapists at or at +971 50 961 8796 or simply book a session with us following this link.

If you have any other queries please put them down in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them and help you out.

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