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Why Should I Go To Therapy?

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Therapy in Dubai is aimed at making positive changes in a client’s life and helping them cope with the unexpected issues that arise in their lives effectively. Though the expected result is positive, many experience hesitation in starting therapy in Dubai. It is understandable and even expected for individuals to have doubts when starting therapy in Dubai as it involves suddenly opening up about us, including our well-kept secrets to a stranger. It puts us in a vulnerable position and involves a sudden change which can be daunting. However, the positive changes that happen due to therapy in Dubai is absolutely worth overcoming the fear and discomfort associated with starting therapy.

Life is full of tension and strain. Sometimes we are high on happiness, sometimes low mood and sadness get us down. Unfortunately for some people, the lows persist, and they feel unhappy and suffocated. Therapy in Dubai can help build skills and methods necessary to enable a person to better deal with the issues in their life. The person, after therapy in Dubai, will be equipped to effectively manage the unpredictable and unprecedented problems that arise.

The body-mind relationship

An important piece of information that many people are not aware of or refuse to acknowledge is that connection between mind and body. Though everyone accepts the importance of taking care of their physical health, they fail to realize that paying attention to only one of the two, body or mind, does not ensure well-being. For instance, when we have a headache, we tend to get annoyed easily, on the other hand, when we are stressed, we tend to develop headaches. This is a simple example of the mind-body connection. Our body and mind affect each other both positively and negatively. When we have good food, we become happy, and when we are happy, we tend to take care of our body better.

The definition of health as given by the World Health organization is as follows: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Note the word “mental” in the definition. Thus, as important as it is to take care of physical health, it is important to take care of mental health in Dubai as well.

I understand that mental health is important, but why do I need the help of a mental health professional?

Best psychotherapists in Dubai and other mental health professionals are trained professionals who specialize in treating disorders of the mind. They are able to observe and read between the lines to understand the root cause of the problem and are equipped with the knowledge on how to manage it. They are able to pick up on vicious behavioural and thought patterns in us which causes distress.

Okay, why can’t my friend be my therapist?

Your friend or family member would be a great source of social support and they will be able to provide you comfort. However, people who are acquainted with you, like friends, family, colleagues etc would show bias and be subjective since they might have also been a part or seen the issue, making them unable to hold a neutral position. A psychotherapist, on the other hand, is a trained individual who has access to any information in your life other than through you or someone close to you (if you choose to bring them to provide additional information). This gives them the advantage of remaining objective and non-judgemental. Additionally, there is something known as an unconditional positive regard. It simply means that no matter what the client says that they have done, the therapist does not judge or show any negative reaction to them. This gives the client (you) the space to talk about anything without fearing consequences. Furthermore, as per the ethical code of conduct mental health professionals in Dubai are required to follow, confidentiality will be maintained throughout. This means that whatever you say in therapy, stays in therapy. Additionally, mental health professionals in Dubai spend an average of 7 years being trained to deal with issues of the mind. This is the biggest difference between a lay person who is familiar to you, and a mental health professional or psychotherapist in Dubai.

Note: In some cases, the mental health professional has the option to break confidentiality. This happens in instances where the client can cause harm to self or others or is being harassed. In short, in any case where the law is concerned, psychologists in Dubai break confidentiality.

From my understanding, there are medications for treating mental health concerns. Then why should I opt for therapy? Why is therapy better than medicines?

Yes, there are medications and pharmacological intervention available for the treatment of mental health ailments, along with many other different treatment modes. However, it cannot be said for certain that one form of treatment is better than the other. A part of the choice between therapy and medication falls on the client, and the other, on the mental health professional. The choice, by the professionals, depends on the intensity of the issue, the client’s preference, whether the treatment being used is working for the specific client, which mode of treatment is appropriate with finance, time and resources being the criteria to be considered, to name a few. An advantage that psychotherapy provides is further insight or a deeper understanding of who you are, what the causes of the problem are, and it equips you with the skill to deal with your own problems, though it requires much more effort from your side meaning, the client’s side. Much like this, medications have benefits over therapy as well thus cementing that one cannot be said as being better than the other for certain.

I don’t have a problem. Then why should I go for therapy?

A person does not need to have issues in their lives or be distressed in order to go for therapy. One can go to a psychotherapist or any mental health professional for personal development, better coping skills, or even just to talk for some time. One does not necessarily have to be suffering or in distress to go for therapy. Furthermore, therapy should be considered only as a last minute resort. Think of your mental health as being similar to your car. We get our cars checked and serviced from time to time instead of waiting for something to go wrong with it. Similarly, you do not need to wait until you have a mental health concern to go for therapy. You can go for therapy even to ensure that you are working at your full potential and living the best life.

Is there anything to know or prepare before starting therapy?

Generally, no. Therapy can be started by anyone at any time. There is nothing to be done prior to therapy. One point to keep in mind is that therapy is not a one person show where the therapist says abracadabra and the problems go away. It takes time and effort from both the therapist and the client.

How do I start therapy?

Search for a psychologist, call them up, book an appointment, go to the session, and say what is bothering you and be open. That’s it.

With all the misconception about therapy, it might be unnerving to try it. However, therapy can be thought of as just another treatment for the betterment of individuals. Also, there is no right or wrong time to start therapy and it should be noted that a person need not have any mental distress to consult a mental health professional.

Kaizen Wellbeing is an online therapy platform in Dubai, UAE that caters to South Asian community. There is a dearth of good therapy establishments that accommodate the mental health needs of the brown community. We aim to bridge that gap by providing you quality and affordable care by qualified and warm therapists. Reach out at or +971 50 961 8796 and book your first session towards understanding yourself and other’s better.

If you have any queries please put them down in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them and help you out.

Psychologists in Dubai provide affordable online therapy services at Kaizen Wellbeing. Say goodbye to cheap counselling in Dubai and cheap therapy in Dubai. Say hello to mental therapy near me or cheap therapy near me. Mental health therapist in Dubai is important.

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